French & Associates are a firm of IFAs based in Essex. We aim to offer independent financial planning, for both individuals and businesses, which is second to none. 

By understanding our clients’ financial objectives and continually focussing on these, we provide a bespoke personal financial advice service.
Established over twenty five years ago French & Associates has built up a good 
reputation amongst our clients and professional connections, founded on the trust 
we have gained through the unbiased and independent financial planning services 
we provide.
We offer advice to clients across the UK from our 
office based in Essex.

Financial Planning

What is financial planning? It is a process which goes far beyond the mere provision of products. The Institute of Financial Planning, to whose Code of Ethics we subscribe, has adopted the following definition:

“A process to provide a client with impartial assistance in analysing and organising personal financial affairs in order to achieve financial and life-style goals.”

From experience we find that most clients have accumulated a collection of policies, savings and accounts over the years from a wide variety of sources. Often there is little overall cohesion in their arrangements and sometimes even a lack of knowledge of exactly what is held and why. By examining existing arrangements and identifying needs and aspirations, we work with clients to develop a viable financial plan. Most importantly we can monitor performance over the years and ensure that the advice remains suitable. Through a vigorous ongoing training programme we ensure that our advisers are up to date with the latest developments in the fast moving world of finance. With the continual erosion of State provision it is becoming even more vital that financial planning is undertaken. It is a process of benefit to individuals and companies alike.

The Market

With many hundreds of products and services available in a continually changing environment, expert guidance from specialists is essential. As independent advisers, not limited to the products of any one company, the entire market place is reviewed to ensure that the client’s exact requirements are achieved.

The Method

Initial client meetings are arranged to undertake a full financial fact-find, establish needs, and set priorities – at our expense and without obligation. Thereafter remuneration can be by commission or on a fee basis.


By combining qualified advisers and a commitment to service with the use of modern technology, the company is able to provide a complete financial planning service to companies and individuals, as well as Solicitors, Accountants and other professional practices and their clients.