Life Insurance policies in Essex and London

Life Insurance (also known as Life Cover and assurance) is a must have protection policy if your dependents depend on your income to pay the mortgage and living expenses.

If, on the event of your death, they would struggle to pay for their living costs then Life Insurance is something you may wish to consider asyour dependents would receive a lump sum, or monthly payments.

There are many types of Life Insurance policy available and the team at French and Associates can help you to decide which policy would be most suitable for your circumstances.

Life Insurance covers for the worst possible scenario, your death, but there are also other policies available which would provide cover if you were seriously inhured or diagnosed with a serious medical condition. At French and Associates we can work with you to develop a protection plan which will keep your family cared for should the worst happen to you. 

So if you are in Essex and would like to arrange a Life Insurance policy please contact our friendly, Hadleigh-on-Sea based team on 01702 558828 or contact us via email.