Critical Illness Cover in Essex

Critical illness cover should be a key consideration if you would struggle to meet your monthly financial committments if you were unable to work due to being diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

If you were to be diagnosed with a certain condition (such as certain types and stages of cancer, a heart attack or stroke) then your insurance provider would pay you a tax-free, cash lump sum to cover your mortgage payments, debt repayments and any necessary alterations to your home. Many policies will often also pay out if you are permanently disabled due to illness or an accident.

Each provider has different policies so taking advice from a critical ilness specialist such as French and Associates will help you choose the most suitable policy.

If you have dependents – children and/or a partner – you may also wish to consider Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance. The team at French and Associates can advise on which mix of policies would be most suitable for you.

If you live in Essex and would like advice on Criticial Illness policies please contact our friendly, Hadleigh-on-Sea based team on 01702 558828 or contact us via email.