Q1: Have you protected your family's income in event of your own death?
Q2: Sufficent available cash to see you through illness?
Q3: Is your income protected in event of long-term disability?
Q4: Financial provision for child-care in event of death or serious illness or non-earning spouse/partner?
Q5: Have you recently reviewed your lifecover needs?
Q6: Are there sufficient funds in place to purchase business of deceased or critically ill partners?
Q7: Funding in place to cover Long Term Care?
Q8: Is there adequate private healthcare?


Q9: Pension on-target to retire when you want?
Q10: A recent projection of pension benefits?
Q11: Satisfied with performance of pensions/investments?
Q12: Are pension/investment risk levels appropriate?
Q13: Used your maximum pension contribution allowance?

Loan / Mortgages

Q14: Are all loans covered in event of death?
Q15: Did you purchase insurance from your finance/loan provider?

Savings / Investments

Q16: Sure you've got the best mortgage?
Q17: Sufficient mortgage cover (death & critical illness)?

Loans / Investments

Q18: Are you getting the best returns on your savings?
Q19: Will you be able to afford school/college fees?
Q20: More in bank/building society than required for short-term needs?
Q21: Have you used your full ISA allowance this year?
Q22: Are you the beneficiary of a Trust?

Wills and Inheritance

Q23: Does will reflect current wishes?
Q24: Expecting to recieve an inheritance?

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